GAME: Lie to me

Lies!!! Right?

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You are correct, Dan! Gold star for you. I was around 12 and saw Whitney Houston :slight_smile:


Which means Steven Tyler once indeed called me an MF’er. I was buying beer at a Safeway in Hawaii and asked sober Mr Tyler, who was shopping, for a selfie. When the selfie backfired and I asked for another, he rolled his eyes and said “man motherfucker!” But he was kind enough to oblige.


Another great story.
Steven Tolerant Tyler


#3. Ozzy was your 2nd concert.

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I used to cut steaks for Steven Tyler, and once for Rick Ocasek. I was a meat cutter at a specialty meat shop while in High School.


OoOoOoOoOo this is fun, I’ve done this on a past job, 1st day with a group of new hires to break the ice

  1. I am a Semi-Professional Paintball player.

  2. I can say the alphabet backwards

  3. I am a scratch golfer

Good luck :slight_smile:

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  1. I joined the Marines because the Navy recruiter was out of the office when I came in.

  2. To get back at a woman who cheated on me, I crapped in her bed, wiped my ass with her pillow, left, and never spoke to her again.

  3. When I was 12, I bombed passing cars with live fish.


#3. Your golf game isn’t that good.


Im going with this. Lie. While cheating is unforgivable, the retaliation seems out of character for you. But perhaps you were more vengeful in your previous life!


Ha, that’s awesome. Great musicians right there…I used to wrap meat for cutters at the Kroger in Bowling Green OH while in college. Actually have never seen Ozzy in concert :slight_smile: But a guy named Jeffrey Osbourn opened up for Whitney and that’s where I came up with the lie! I was living in McLean VA at the time, your neck of the woods. Went to junior high and freshman year of HS there…

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Its not, I’m a 12 handicap haha

  1. I can say the alphabet backwards

I gotta go with this one…I get stuck after Z :joy:

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You never shit on some’s pillow.

  1. I have had sex with a woman.

  2. I met an African king, we played checkers together and I won.

  3. Edit (because I always go too dark in these games although it was true), I’ll give another truth. I pissed myself at a nightclub, sober, because I was having too much fun, and it was post giving birth, so I had less control over bladder.


You would be incorrect. Sorry to disappoint. I was 20, fell hard for a beautiful master manipulator. Caught her not once, but twice. The second time, I played along with the tears, the sorrys, and the makeup sex. And when she was sound asleep, I left my goodbye note, and moved on.


Well, it was deserved on her part, but color me surprised!


You can semi pro in that?

Yes, I have. See below.

My guess for you is #1.

#1 is the truest of them all. :wink:


I’m gonna go with 3, because in my mind that’s something people deserve to die over…