Gathering my thoughts

nobody is understanding while i am trying to stay sober . no one is supporting me .i kept myself high and my friends now i’m sober the same people who i thought was here for me slowly leaving my side . i realized that i am not alone through me getting high i was blinded by the drugs god has always been there. He has never left me i left him …the sober me sees the bigger picture and i love dealing with life drug free im used to smoking all problems . little did i know until now getting high is just slow suicide .

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Very true Shirley. I think your making a brave statement. Don’t let anyone tell you other wise. Neither me or you need’s friends that don’t support us, not close friends anyway.

The problem with being sober we solve problems, we let problems get bigger when we’re using. Trust God, he will put people that truely matter in your life, not fake people.

I know with your faith in yourself and God you can do this!

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Thanks shatterered dreams it’s been hard nothing is supposed to be easy but it’s also sad to know u gotta deal with some of this on your ppl are leaving me now but this is the time i need positive people the most


Shirley, it’s only as hard as you make it. God will more than be happy to take some of that weight off your shoulders. I’m not telling you to chase religion, but in my experience most people at church have a genuine care for you. I keep myself busy with volunteering in the community and church.

I don’t have time for the people who try and drag me down and I’m too tired to make trouble for myself. If you need anything give the webpage/app a shoutout! We are here to fight this battle together.