Genetic or drinking related rosacea?

I am hyper embarrassed by mine and when I look at my family ( a high level of drinkers) vs me as a child/ teenager, yes I had it, but I also noticed a signifant increase of flare since my drinking days… Idk, maybe it’s also my age. (I’m 26)

Anyone else experience something similar?


I struggle with it. Also, the embarassment, people who don’t have it don’t get at all how embarrassing it is and how much of a burden it can be, none of my friends get it, haha. My family will constantly comment on it and can never leave it alone, really annoying. Stopping drinking helped with my rosacea, although my face could never have been enough of an incentive to stop drinking :roll_eyes: but dietary changes (no added sugars) honestly have made larger impact on this condition for me. Have you looked into the causes for yourself? Obvs stress, lack of sleep, temperature changes, diet, all these contribute. As well as the skin type you have. No one else in my family has it apart from one grandma, but she really had lots of things wrong with her, the face wasn’t her main problem.
Carb-heavy drinks like beer and red wine were heavy triggers for flare ups for me. but I found ways to drink around those for sure.
What’s your deal, are you in recovery?


I started developing it around that age. I drank very heavily from 21 to 25 and it started getting bad. Then when I got pregnant at 26 I had such a bad flare up the whole right side of my face was covered. I didn’t ever wear makeup back then but thank God for it now. I remember when I first met my bf, 4 years ago, and he saw me without makeup for the first time he commented it. It is embarrassing. I’ve also got a lot of broken blood vessels around my nose adding to the redness. Both my parents have bad skin(dads a heavy drinker, moms not) so I guess it’s just in my genes. Since I quit drinking I’ve been really trying to do more self care like facials and better lotions to help with the dryness/flaking. After 4 months now my skin does look a little better but theres really nothing that can be done for it unfortunately. I feel your pain on this one.


I also have rosecea… It started when I was 40 ish on a very strong medication that I feel really depleated my body. For about 5 years I was in a constant flare up recognizing triggers but of course didnt stop drinking heavily which was a huge trigger. I managed to find one brand of wine and one brand of beer that didnt cause a flare up THAT much. Since I stopped drinking I have gone on a topical antibiotic and my skin is great. Still need to avoid all my other triggers like spicy foods, laundry detergent, fragrances, milk, candies… hmmm the list goes on but cant think of things atm. The broken blood vessels in my cheeks and sides of my nose are awful and I still flush very easily but rashiness is under control. I have been looking into having laser treatment to correct the blood vessels…one good way to spend the :moneybag: i have saved drinking.