Getting my mojo back

One of the many reasons why I wanted to quit drinking was to rediscover my passion for doing things.

When you are an alcoholic, every task or job you used to enjoy becomes a chore, and also you get the case of the F#&! -its.

So I started today turning a closet into a pantry that I should of done three years ago. Previous owner used this closet upstairs for a washer and dryer. (hence the sheet metal patches on the wall covering the exhaust vent and water valves.)

Working on cutting the shelves tomorrow, then priming and painting everything. After that’s done, time to insulate my attic…


I agree @Goose. I have way more motivation to do things I’ve been putting off.

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Back before massive back problems and alcoholism, I used to do this.


Nice @Goose its more fun doing things like that sober .awesome keep it up .and you feeling good about yourself too :slight_smile:

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I know the feeling - I love IT so i setup my Playstation 3 as a media server so i can stream movies across the house and on any platforms - small thing but it feels great.

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All done. Took a little extra time as I finished cutting the shelves on Sunday and started prepping for paint.

It was salvaged particle board, 1 dollar a peice. 3/4" thick and not warped with an oak veneer on the flat sides. They were dirty, so I’m guessing they were rejects from a manufacturer.

Took the time to use wood putty on the rough edges to smooth them out. Sanded the edges, primed and painted.


Well done , awesome !!