Getting pretty excited!

Hey everyone!

I come to you excited as can be! In 7 days, just one short week; I will have hit my 1 month milestone, and what better day to celebrate that month than on my birthday! My last day using was July 2, my birthday being August 2.

I cant even begin to express the changes (positive ones) that have taken place over these 3 short weeks. My relationships, my outlook, and my ability to exercise self control and regulation have all began to come together and it is an incredible feeling.

Thank you all for continuing to walk this journey with me/all of us.
The support in this group is incredible.


Congratulations and happy birthday! Hope you have a great time celebrating!

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Thank you!

Congrats! That is a great accomplishment. On day one myself but doing things differently this time.

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Thank you!

And all the best on your journey💓

Awesome, awesome, awesome! That’s fantastic - and a great way to celebrate a birthday. Aug. 2 is an auspicious day - it’s also my 10th wedding anniversary. I shall raise a glass of sparkling water in your honor.


It continues to get better and better the more you’re able to see and spot the positivity!

Good work, keep trudging friend the best has yet to come.