Getting that fuzzy feeling from doing a good job



Ok, so first thread I’ve actually started.
I posted today about something I made and how I got that warm fuzzy feeling because everything went according to plan.

In my job as a builder I get the chance to see the end result and enjoy that feeling.

Brief history, I haven’t always been a builder, I started out life as a chef in the navy, worked in factory’s, warehouses yada yada yada.
I have always had a keen interest in DIY so when a friend asked if I like to labour for him I said ok. Long story short I worked for him for 10 years and became his site foreman, after 3, but decided to leave him and go on my own.
By chance a client who we had done some work for asked me if I’d like to convert a barn for them. This was 2 years ago, so far I have converted another old barn into a cinema room, built a greenhouse from scratch and loads of other little things, brick paths, veg patches and I’ve started to learn gardening.oh and I’ve just started the groundwork for the job they took me on for originally!
Anyway pictures below, the greenhouse and cinema room was whilst I was drinking, (I’d often fall asleep in the afternoon, and wake up and start again).
Every thing else is sober.
Please feel free to post about anything that you have done, created, painted, whatever, that when you step back you can look and say,
yes!!! I’m happy with that. I did a good job!!


Do you know what, I can’t find the bloody pictures, I’ll have to take some fresh ones tomorrow.
Please feel free to carry on without me


Yeah! Ah man, I’m super excited for this thread :grinning:

Probably be adding stuff here myself now that spring is coming, we’ve got several projects for the house lined up


Fire away buddy. It’s motivation for me!:grin:


Im looking forward to seeing work that makes you proud x


Hahahaha I was pretty excited too for the pictures… Lol I guess I can be patient


Please do! So intogardens right now! Would love to see the greenhouse!


Cant wait to see what you post!


Sorry all, feel a right let down now.:unamused:


What an accomplishment!!


Came for the story… staying for the pictures.
Bask in that glow @Geo, you’ve earned it


Ok so as promised here are some pictures


This is what the cinema room looked like before.

And this is the big one. This will become a 3 bed house, eventually!


It would be nice to see other people’s pictures or stories of satisfaction and that warm fuzzy feeling. Anything that gives it to you!


Veg garden.


Wow, that’s FANTASTIC work! You should be super proud! :heart:


All absolutely beautiful work! My favorite is the greenhouse – I’d love one like that!


Thanks Mandi. I am because the closest I’ve got to formal training in construction is an olevel exam at school in woodwork!
I’m really lucky that the people I work for are happy with the way I work and the quality of work. Even when I was drinking.


Yeah so would my wife!


This is what the veg garden and greenhouse area looked like before.