Getting that fuzzy feeling from doing a good job



What a stunning job - well done!


Stunning!! You deserve to be proud of yourself! :two_hearts::+1:


Thanks Ariel. To be honest my self confidence took a bit of a beating when I worked for my “friend”. It was ok at first but after about 5 years he was always critical of my work, telling me it was not how he would do it, even though the work got done! I started second guessing myself all the time! I was already drinking by then so I think everything was out of kilter in my head anyway. The way he made me feel just made me drink more. Obviously I know now that was my choice, at the time, but that’s a step 4 issue when I get there. :laughing:
My confidence in my abilities has started to come back with each project that goes right. As I said I’m really lucky with the guys who I work for. They just let me get on with it. And since going sober I feel :100: more confident.


I love the timber beams


Built a pitchers mound for my 12 year old to practice pitching!


And just finishing up a peg board for the 9 year old:


That’s pretty cool!
I just had to look them up cuss I thought the pitcher just had a spot. Is the cover just baize like on a pool table, or is a waterproof type of thing?


No, its cheap outdoor carpeting from the home depot…


I like to tinker, ive got the skeleton of a cactus that im going to make walking sticks from. I’ll post a pic when i finish one… your work on those barns is outstanding and I love those doors. I can assume you made them?


I’ve just looked at portable pitching mounds on the 'tinternet. £132 for one over here. I’d imagine it could be made for £50.


Thanks. Yeah made from scratch. First time doing some serious joinery.
The guy I work for has said that I can use the shop for my own stuff, so now I’ve got a bit more money I can start doing stuff for home. The wife has a loooooong list!:joy:
The only problem is doing it all day at work, I just wanna chill at home.


Isnt that what they say, the carpenter’s house never gets finished…or something like that.


Thats always a good thing to keep u busy to have a honey do list. Im sure it makes her happy to see your work. I feel like things you appreciate more if you do and make it urself and gives urself graditude by doing things yourself. Good job!


WOWwwwww!! Love the greenhouse gate especially. The huge beams too. Stunning work. Talented man @Geo :hammer:


You built a pitchers mound?! Such a great dad! So I have a very important question to ask… Who’s your team?


Good question, born and raised, tried and true, 3rd generation NY Mets fan. And im afraid ill be the last of my kind as my 2 boys (12 & 9) outta nowhere decide they’ll break tradition to root for… I can’t even say it… THE YANKEES??? What?!! :scream::scream: (sounds of screams)… ok, im ok now. How about yourself?


Best thing about the Yankees are there uniforms :smile: Cubs are it for me! Went to my first game at Wrigley last year. Beautiful park. Would love to see Fenway too, sometime.


Id like to see both, i cant believe I squandered the opportunity being close to Boston and I’ve been to the city. Haven’t gotten to chicago, on my list, and ill catch a game there for sure (mets maybe) when I do.
Im sure you were out of you mind when the cubbies got their ring…


Peg board done and hung (pull-up bar in).!


When he stops using it you can hang washing on it​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
Great job man!