Giving this a real shot

For years I have used alcohol as an escape from life. Now I find it almost impossible not to go for one drink and not have it turn into a few day bender. I wake up from that bender with extreme guilt,embarrassment and anxiety. Once those feelings go away the addiction starts to speak up loud and makes me believe that I can have one drink and it will be different this time. It never is.

I recently moved away from my home town to get away from alcohol and start fresh. It worked for abit but I started to think I could have the one drink, and now after a few benders and lots of drinking in hiding I need this to be over. It is starting to affect my job and I refuse to lose another job to alcohol.

I’m signing up on here to meet some people fighting the same challenge in hopes that I can turn to here the next time I feel like I can have the one drink. Soo… nice to meet you all.


Welcome. I am glad you are here, and hope you will stay, learn, share, heal and grow.

My best advice: say “no” to the drink that matters…the first drink. When you say “no” to the first drink, there can’t be a second or third or eighth. No hangover, blackout, regrets. When you do, you win. 100%. When you don’t, you lose, with the only question left to be answered is how big you lose.

It helps to have a plan. We can wander into addiction, but we can’t wander out. Have a plan for not drinking.


Thank you! This was 1000% helpful.

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I’m doing the exact same thing. This is my day 2 without. I feel tired but I have need to be sober.

I drink 12 beers alone. I hide it ofc. I blow 3 interviews. Luckily I have something to fight for now.

Just coming here and reading your message helps me. I don’t have any tip since we are on the same path. But I’m trying love myself more thank that one drink which turns into 20. Be my own best friend. I open a saving account, when ever I get cravings… I but that money for that one drink +10 more in that account. I just finished my goal list. If I save up all that money… I can finally buy myself a car. Car=freedom to get a away. Drive to the mountains and go for a hike.

I’m having cravings while writing this as well. But I can’t give in. I have so much to lose, we all have. One of the is a health and happy future.

IM SO THANKFUL FOR EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU. I REALLY NEEDED YOU ALL NOW. Please stay this kind and loving. Greetings from Denmark :denmark:


Thanks for sharing! Feels hopeful knowing there are other people in the same position I am. Wish you all the best :heart:

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Maybe try and get to a meeting they will help and make it easier make new sober friends and get phone numbers lift the phone before the drink ,my late sponsor told me when i moved that id take everything(my drinking problem) in my suitcase apart from clothes ,