Giving up on this life Ive grown for 10 months

I just need to put it out there I’m no doubt giving up tomorrow. I’ll go to sleep and maybe this feeling will pass. But I’m no doubt getting high. This is too much emotional stress. Everyone flipping out on me when I’m not even getting high I’m throwing away all this time.

Nooooooo please dont!!who cares what other people are saying or thinking.Live in your truth and screw the rest.


Thank you for your support I just know I’m bull headed I just need to get through this. I know my reality is I’m oroabbly not going to though I’m just so torn

Wow, congratulations on 10 months, whatever you decide to do. That is amazing! i only have 100-something days (see, I am still counting in DAYS!!) of sobriety. Remember, it’s one day at a time, so good job on today. I hope you won’t pick up tomorrow, it’s your call. Let us know if there anything we can do to help.


I hope you don’t give up!

I log on to this app every day, and every day it makes me feel good to see the number on my sobriety counter. 45 days for me today… I’m so jealous over your 10 months!

I don’t give a fuck what other people say or think. If someone is treating you like shit because you are an addict, they’re doing it to make themselves feel better about their own issues or because it’s the laziest way to cut you down. F them.

For example, if someone says something to you giving you a hard time about your past use, you just say "F you, I can and have stopped using, but there’s no meetings to help you stop being an asshole, so I guess you’re just screwed. "

(Sorry for the profanity. The only low tolerance I have is for shallow, negative, judgmental people. ) :wink: Good luck, stay strong!


Please dont. I have had the same thoughts your having right now. Don’t throw it away because of other people. Do this for you. You are worth it.

Not you circus not your monkeys. Live and let live friend

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10 months is amazing!!! I just made 100 and would love to make 10 months :-). Keep it up! Don’t quit.

Was able to get through the day and get to a meeting I just keep pushing and am trying its getting harder to hush those thoughts though


Great job!!! I hope you don’t give up.

Glad to hear it. I’m on only day 4, can’t imagine 10 MONTHS, wow. Watching the seconds tick by on the sobriety calculator soothes me for some strange reason. I wish u all the best, keep us updated on your progress :heart: