Giving up weed

Been smoking hash and weed on and off for years but the last year been smoking morning noon and night wit my parents in and out of hospital and then saldly passed away in june and August … i never taught i had a problem until now i give it up 3 days ago never taught i would but i did still find it hard and need motivation if anyone can help


Man thats hard, im sorry to hear about your parents. Welcome to the community!! Ive struggled with weed for years. Successes quitting booze, but the grass has been tough for me. What i can say is that after even just a week of being clean im sharper mentally and more balanced emotionally. I get satifaction from hobbies and stuff. And DEF WAY LESS FRUSTRATION on all levels. So overall im more productive and happier.

I wish you well friend. You can do this and i bet overall you’ll be happier and richer than if you kept smoking!!

Be well, hope to see you around regularly. Lots of great people here.


Thanks Kdog yeah it is hard especially living with someone who smokes it in the house im trying to keep myslf busy all the time … appreciate the help and definitely will see me more on this my freind keep up the gòod work

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Sorry for your loss.
I guess the difficulty of quiting THC depends on everyone. It was really hard for me. The first week, of course, and months after that. Still is, sometimes. But in the end it’s definitely better without it. It’s a psychotropic drug after all. It masks our true feelings behind smoke, lies, burying them. And in the end it’s always about facing the (awful or not) truth of life, living it.

I wish you strength, you’re not alone in this :v:t2:

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