Go Steelers!


If I have to suffer through another game like today I’m going to … I don’t even wanna say it


Steelers or die… jus sayin


After today I’m close to picking die


RIVALRY Baby! #RavensFlock


On Dember 9th, in Oakland no less…that’ll be my 6-month soberversary, so I really see no outcome other than a Raiders win :smiley:

Also a national broadcast. Should be a great one!


My question is… will i get harrased by oakland fans? I can take shit talk but I don’t want the situation to turn scary.

I was at the 49er game, for the monday night football game where the lights went out at candlestick park. It got tense. Nothing like being in the bathroom when the lights go out on rival turf.


Don’t worry, It can always be worse… I am a Chargers fan


Thank you for that perspective lol


@Englishd think about the positives… conner looked good the first 3/4th of the game. Our corners were playing well, juju had some good catches. Switzer did his job well, now i dont have to cring when they have antonio run one back.


I’m a Steelers fan. I don’t look for positives. I look for wins lol


I have never been, but I think you should be fine if you dont look for trouble, same as anything. The reputation of Raider fans as aggressive/violent is a bit of an embellishment, in my experiences.

However, I am in “enemy territory” all the time as a Leafs fan in Boston…and the Garden can get hostile, especially when I’m in there sporting my blue-and-white. I am all for good-natured ribbing, which is usually the case…but if anyone tries to be legitimately confrontational or aggressive, my course of action has always been to ignore. Works like a charm to give no reaction whatsoever. Or, I respond with a calm “thank you” to their insult. They never know what to make of it and it diffuses things pretty quick.

Staying sober gives us the ability to keep a level head and be the one who is “in the right”. Its nice.


Hey whats up with you guys giving up khalil mack? He is a fucking beast.


Too soon, too soon! We are here to help eachother stay sober, not drive eachother to drink! Hahaha :joy:

Gah, I miss him. What a monster. Of course he had to put up a performance like that last night, too…


I know you guys probably didn’t watch broncos play last night but had to share our new rookie receiver has an awesome story- everybody can appreciate the story no matter what team. He’s TINY! Born and raised in Colorado, went to Boulder for college, undrafted, wanted to be a bronco player since eighth grade- gets picked up this year starts his first nfl game and scores our first touchdown of the season how neat is that?!!! His stats have his high school team on them lol I think that’s so neat, and he’s only 5’8 170 pounds. He’s like Mighty Mouse lol


I caught the end of the game… No cable in my house but :roll_eyes: steelers come on… @Englishd


Luckily I was busy adulting so I didn’t have to see that trash lol


I dont think ive missed a game in 15 years. :flushed:


I wouldn’t expect anyone to tell you how awesome you are, but I think you will be fine. I have been dealing with raiders fans my whole life. Lol. They aren’t so bad. Cept the gangsters… With knifes. Look out for them😉


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Amazing what you can find at the goodwill these days! Now get outta here with that!


4th down and 29 yards. Name that game??