Goals and times

So today is day 110 for me of being AF, 10 days till my 4 months, that’s exciting. When I stopped drinking in January I decided I wanted to get healthier too, not just stop alcohol. Being overweight I set a goal for 6 months of healthy eating in an attempt to loose 25#. My 6 months AF and healthy eating will fall a few days before my 45th birthday in July. In January I decided I wanted to have my shit together for that birthday and to not look back. This is going to be the last time I have to quit or go on a diet type of thoughts……Goal—Stay AF and -180 days to loose 25#. Today being day 110 AF and I’ve lost 27# and now setting a new goal for July. Level up :grinning: I’m still overweight so it is a healthy weight loss goal dr approved, I add that because in the past when I was sober I became way to thin from refusing to eat as well as binge eating and purging and laxative overuse and then my lungs collapsed and I became very ill. So I’m aware of what damaging things I’m capable of, So I’ve set a healthy number that is a few pounds above the dr recommend weight. That to me is satisfying and healthy thinking. Im very proud of myself. I’m still continuing to eat healthy not actually dieting so I’m eating decent amounts and all healthy. However to celebrate I just popped a handful of jelly beans. I do allow myself a weekly goody. On a side note a friend (who has only known me drinking, never during sober years, told me today she liked me better heavier, and drinking because when I’m not drinking I think too much about myself WTH? My response. I do come first because if I don’t put me first, my sobriety goes away so sorry if you don’t like the person I am with boundaries compared to the person you knew running on alcohol. They are two totally different people and this one isn’t going anywhere. I also found out that when I wanted to say things while drinking I would tell myself Don’t say that people will just say it’s the alcohol talking. Come to find out it wasn’t trash talk it was my boundaries and boy am I bold yet kind about it. Damn good feeling Sorry I was so long winded but I needed to get this all out before starting a new week.