Going for 1st AA meeting ever

Going for AA meeting…its my 1st Saturday in soberity


Well done! Let us know how it goes. Just finished my Saturday morning meeting :smiley:

AA is a great tool and here is what helped me

  • goto different meetings at the same location until you find a match
  • stay after the aa meeting and that is where the connections happen
  • try and stick going there 4 x / week
  • share your story when possible

Excellent! AA has given me a new life. Im at a meeting right now thats about to start!:grin: keep coming back!

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I’m 19 days into my sobriety. I have been trying to get the courage to go to one. I’d love to hear how it goes.


Welcome to the family! Its a positive step towards a better life

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I went on my 20th day and it was the best thing i ever did for myself. Dig deep for today courage and give it a try :muscle::two_hearts::bird:

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I waited until day 89…lost out on 89 days of getting better, and 89 days of building friendships


Excellent. I love AA, so gratefu to the fellowship. Best of luck to you.

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How’d it go?