Going on day 9, half way through 10. Peeing a lot!

Sounds weird that it’s the morning and I’m half way through 10, it’s because my last glass was at 6 pm.
Woke up with a headache this am, nothing huge, just annoying.
It’s back to school too for my teenager this week, so, had to go back to an early schedule.
I feel a bit lonely in the process. Most of the people I know will say that I don’t have a problem. Even my husband is somehow denying it (still very supportive though)…
I noticed that I’m peeing more than usual, is it something common?

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My husband always told me I didn’t have a problem as well. I don’t know your situation, but my husband drinks more than I did and I am sure he didn’t want to self reflect. What’s important is you felt like you had an issue and you are now dealing with it. Good for you!

My husband doesn’t drink. Or very occasionally.
It’s more like, what people are considering a problem.
It doesn’t seem to impact other people life, you’re not getting wasted. Therefore you don’t have a problem.

It is the same when you consider yourself fat and are not overweight according to the standard.


I’m sorry about your loneliness I feel that way at times too. I feel a craving to be around others that understand so this forum and meetings help a lot. I think that as long as you know you have an issue it doesn’t matter what others think. I put that perspective in my head because I need to just accept it for myself I can’t have the other notion in my head that maybe I don’t have an issue there it’s too risky but no need to prove that to others.
As far as peeing a lot totally! Hydrating your body again and not dehydrating it so it’s different but normal! And on a funny side this popped up after I read your post :blush:

Good job on day ten!!!


Yes, it is normal to urinate more, initially. When we are drinking, we are often chronically dehydrated, and place a load on our liver and kidneys as it tries to filter out all the poison. Sober, we aren’t dehydrated nearly as much, and as we heal, more urine is produced.

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You dont need to have a problem to take the decision not to drink.
You dont drink because you dont want to, end of story

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