Going sober today please pray for me

Who ever reads this, can you please pray to your Higher Power to keep me on track of my sober life. For the universe to grant me sobriety everyday in every possible way.

Today will be my first day sober in years. I believe the larger the prayer group is the more power to it.

Thank you in advance. - Erik Alonso


Am Going to pray for you for sobriety and patience stay strong my friend one hour at a time

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Thank you!

Sending prayers :pray: your way. You can do this! Believe in yourself & commit to the process :heart: One day at a time :muscle:

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You got it! I’m going to pray for you my friend. :pray:t2::two_hearts:

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I wish you the best man,

Sober Day 1 is hard.

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@Alonsobarraza22…Erik! We hear ya and keeping you strong in our prayers and wishes. You are in the right place. Whats your plans for today to help you on your journey?

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We can but you must. Get on your knees each morning and pray for a sober day and admit to God you are powerless, in the evening Thank God of your understanding for one more sober day. If it gets difficult during the day repeat ‘Thy will not my will’.
114 days clean and sober proves its working so far so I ain’t gonna change it now.
Welcome and I wish you well on your journey :+1:




Ill be sure to do a prayer for you !

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:pray::pray::pray::pray:my prayer for you brother

John here…for sure Erik, will do.
Bye for now…

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Thank you very much