Going through some bull💩

I am 22 years old I still love with my mom and I smoke weed everyday and stay home everyday I havent been working constantly for the past two years only have $1,600 to my name.Had inspirations to become a recording artist did for 4 years couple months ago I ran across someone from a gig (Sidejob) and he liked my music turned out to be on of the Drake’s closest friends and he paid for my studio to see me work in person it went extremely well the first few times but eventually I felt my self trying to please others and my problems from personal life and the pressure of proving people Wrong and thinking everything has to be perfect affected me and my work drastically I’m at a low point my life everyone especially my family serve no purpose in my life no more my boy that I thought was my brother turned his back on me my mom is slowly but surely turning her back on me my dad is selfish piece of shit
And he turned he’s back on me from day one
I can’t even count with a hand with people I Trust


So basically what you’re saying is that if only everything went according to your liking, world would be a better place?


That’s a hard feeling to have. What are the problems? And what are the other people wrong about?

Adele made millions just from one ex boyfriend, get all these feelings on paper and start recording again. The devil makes work for idle hands.


It is a hard space. You mentioned in your earlier post today another difficult thing:

There’s a lot going on for you :confused:

Here’s the problem right here. Put down the weed and think about what you really want out of life and go out and get it. You are the only one that has total control over your own life. Sitting in your pitty party isn’t going to get you anywhere. Make today your day one of no weed and continue to come here for support.