Going to work. No meth

Today is my 1st day I ve always stayed clean when i didnt work a job because when i work i feel i need extra energy to do a good job and having money allows me to buy drugs. I just feel so miserable when i work Sober or high. Any sense suggestions or comments? I know life wasnt ment to be this depressing.


I’ve been a stay at home mom for 12 years so I don’t really have any suggestions on that but I know where you’re coming from. I would always take adderall before going to work bc it made me “work better”. When I got pregnant with my first child, I stopped doing that but then a couple years after having him, I got addicted to pain pills then suboxone n did meth every once in awhile. I’ve been clean 576 days :blush: so my only advice is just to take it min by min, day by day. I still find myself thinking, oh this would be better or I could keep up with the housework better (I have four kids aging from 12 to 5 months so the housework is never done lol) if I was high but that’s just the addict in me. Finding a good support group is a big help too. Plz don’t ever hesitate to msg me if you’re feeling the need to use again. Praying for you!!

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No, it wasn’t meant to be this depressing. Understand that it’s the addiction cycle that is the cause of this. Need meth to work, to make money, to buy meth, to work for money, to buy meth.

I am sure the hamster running on his wheel thinks he’s getting ahead, but really he’s just getting tired.

Get off the wheel. Learn to live clean and sober, taking life as it comes. It won’t be all kittens and icecream, but you will have your share of joys and sorrows, just as your were meant to.