Going with the Flow

2020 is coming fast for me. Sept 23, 2019 I decided to stop drinking and doing blow. These past 3 months passed by as if it were 3 years. I was alive and in the moment each and everyone of those days and that in itself is what really feels to be alive!

I decided to rejoin the National Guard for the 3rd time. I’m going to rejoin with my old rank which is a Specialist (Spc./E-4). I decided to join because the opportunity presented itself. It just sort of happened. I’m not going to fight the Flow any more. I’m Going with the Flow from here on out and I’m going to throw myself into this 100%. I tried so hard to find my own niche these past 5 years but failed because during those 5 years my drinking and drugging was what held me back.

Lord, I beg you to allow me to continue learning how to be Humble with everyone I meet. I beg you to allow me to have the courage to continue to walk this path I have chosen for I will not squander my Life any more. Allow me to Help and Guide those who cross my Path.

I wanted to get this off my chest because I really don’t have anyone to talk with privately. I will work on that though. Thank you for reading this and I hope you a very, very Happy New Year. Join me in this new decade and let’s put the past to rest here and now. Have a good last week of 2019. Love you all ^.^


Welcome and thank you for sharing. Ive been a member here for over a year my doc are alcohol and cocaine as well. I accumulate some clean time and then slip. I feel your passion and humility and like you i dont want to waste anymore of this precious gift of life God has given us. Sending you blessings and strength this New Year.


Thank you very much!

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Thanks for sharing this. I wish you all the best with your new endeavour, you are doing such a great job at your sobriety and it’s a pleasure to be on this journey with you my friend :pray:t2: happy 2020! :two_hearts:

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I love your attitude. I need to change my way of thinking and just go with the flow. My way hasn’t worked for so long and 2020 is going to be the year of changes for the better. I look forward to this journey with you. :two_hearts:
Happy and healthy new year to you!

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Well said! My DOC is also cocaine too and you speak wise words: staying humble. I think this is key for sobriety. Most of my relapses happened because i got over confident and i thought i had addiction under control. Here’s to a new decade of sobriety and healthy life for all of us here! :love_you_gesture::grinning:

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Thank you both very much ^.^