Good morning, checking in


Good morning all :blush: today I am 6 days in and feeling better than yesterday. This is my 2nd try at this sober life, and I plan to succeed! I love coming here every morning to read and share, this is my 2nd meeting every day :blush::blush:

Have a great day and check in as often as you can, it helps!


I am 6 days too! Clean off alcohol, and cocaine. Marijuana since new years eve.

We got this! Im writing in my time and playing video games and cleaning, watching youtube videos too. Sober life is a happy life. I types 2000 words tonight in my book, I added another 6 pages to it :hugs:

Godspeed! Lets do this!


Day 11 here this time around, feelin good chuck!


Awesome job! It gets easier everyday. Taking time to rest and adding vitamins to my routine really helped. See you back here tomorrow