Good morning with a side of insight


It’s a gorgeous morning here in st.paul
I’m enjoying a salad with strawberries and oranges with a side of yogart. What about everyone else? Are you in a good mood? A bad mood? An I need to do a 1000 situps because I feel bloated mood? Regardless your mood know that YOU’RE AWESOME and I LOVE YOU!!

I spent sometime reflecting on my life. I’ve discovered I have been burning the candle at both ends never really allowing myself to relax. Between working out, planning my future, trying to reintegrate back into society, breaking up with the gf, Studying along with mentally preparing myself for the military I have not really just let myself exist for a bit. I have been so happy and driven that I forgot to take a day to let myself decompress. Which colested over the weekend when I broke down. I’m not ashamed of it. I’m just embarrassed at my arrogance for thinking I had everything under control. Once again my ego has gotten the best of me. Does anyone else have this issue? Does anyone else feel like an unstoppable Force until one day the exhaustion gets to you and you break down? Any advice or input is appreciated.


I saw my therapist recently and was talking to her about my life. How I hated my job. So she asked me what long term and short term thing I was doing to help with this. Well I thought about it. And long term, I had down. I’ve been Putting in applications elsewhere to get a different job. That was simple. But what was I doing short term to help myself with the job situation. Plus short term is most important being it affects me daily… So I asked for a couple days off and got them. I need to start asking for help at work, since were short handed and all. Also need to keep looking at the job board…
so while I was reading your post, it reminded me of doing thing short term and long term things for yourself. Bc short term, a break down was right around the corner for me. I wasnt doing anything to help myself from day to day.
So yes, I could relate to what you’re saying…


I’m happy you could relate.
I do hope you find something positive in the short term that affects the long term in a good way. What is it that you do? What about your job don’t you care for?


I work for a big hospital, in the dental section. I’m in central processing, I sterilize all the instruments. It’s not that I hate the job itself, it’s more the people that are draining. Absolutely lazy and negative! It really brings me down some days. This isnt my first job and I have had experience working as a team before. And we do t do that here. Were a person short on night shift, which is my shift. So I end up picking up a lot of slack bc mu coworker just doesnt care as she says. Oh and I dont get paid enough for the work I do. I’m just not making ends meet ya know. So I just need to find a better paying job all together. I make the best of each day even though it’s hard. I try to stay positive and keep my mouth shut lol. Its draining really!


I can relate.
Working at a job that is so draining is like new age torture. I swear. Lol.

I imagine because at your job your short staffed transferring to a different shift is out of the question right?


Lol, it is!
Yea… we have no day shift positions in this department. But I am applying to other departments for day shift. So hopefully something will come along…


I will have my fingers crossed something great comes up :muscle:


Which branch you going into?


Thanks so much! I’ve just been praying about it. Hoping something better paying comes along…


That’s the thing I have options I wasn’t aware I had.
I apparently CAN apply to the Marines. I’m 33 I just need to sign an age wavier. The Marines is what I really really want to do. However the army cut off is 35. Same with the airforce. That being said I want to serve.
I have already met with a national guard recruiter. I dig it but I don’t. Too much off time if you know what I mean. I am going to meet with a few recruiters this week. Weigh my options and then proceed from there.


I dont have much schooling and my certifications have expired so like registration specialist, scheduling, materials handler. Just out of the department I’m in! It’s very very very frustrating, especially today. I just came back from my long weekend and people are still lazy… just gets old!


Well, I am partial to the Corps, and for me, active duty was the way to go. Not against the reserves, as my experience with reserve units was quite positive. I just wouldn’t want to have built a life around a high-paying civilian job, and then get it disrupted by an extended deployment. Not sure how it affected the current reservists since 9/11, but I do know that a bunch suffered some real financial turmoil during my war…Persian Gulf War.


Thank you for your service.
I to am partial to the Corp. My brother is a marine. We were set to enlist together til my addict and whimpyness caused me to chicken out. That was after 9/11. Since sobering up, I feel like if I don’t enlist I will regret it for the rest of my life and resent myself. That being said. You make a good point. I wouldn’t want to build a life just to be deployed also, seeing that my life is pretty much at the starting line again since rock bottom I feel this is the correct time. Also active duty is definitely the way I would like to go. Best case scenario career into drill sergeant would be a dream come true


Drill Instructor…DI’s take issue with being called Drill Sergeants. Just a tip from an old salt.

I entering a private in 1983, made it to Staff Sergeant before being selected for a commissioning program. Made it to Captain before I was medically discharged due to hearing loss.

Artillery: You yell. We Shell. When the grunts start crying, the steel starts flying. Real Heavy Metal Thunder.


If you weren’t medically discharged would you have gone full career?


Likely. I say that now, but I was getting a bit antsy. I had 14 active. More likely I would have finished up in the reserves.


Nice. 14 active is quite some time.
I wonder how much has changed from then to now. If all goes well I will be able to find out and share.


If anything the Corps is smarter, leaner and meaner. I was trained to fight a much different war, and we happened to have been lucky that the Persian Gulf war needed the fight we were trained for. Today’s Corps has the benefit of 17 years of actual combat to draw upon. Training and doctrine moved from theory to practice.


My husband joined the Army reserves 6 months before 9/11. He spent the first year of our marriage in Iraq and then came home to be a recruiter before he was medically retired. If you have any questions about the army or reserves, hit me up. Marines are great too. Good luck!


Not you @Yoda-Stevie. I meant @Twowaymirror