Good to be back :)

It is so good to be back,

I stumbled, I let myself down and I thought one drink was ok but it lead to another and I saw myself going down hill, sorry ive been so quiet team.

But since lockdown here in New Zealand (the start of april) ive not touched a drop abd I will admit im feeling rather proud, its a long road and I dont want to fail again when we return to our new normal but I feel with how our life has changed this has got me into a mindset to do it this time.

Glad to be here blush


Welcome back then and what good of you to get back on track!
Congratulations with your sober days, no need to blush: you should be proud! :facepunch:

Glad you made your way back.:rainbow:

Welcome back! You can do this. :muscle:t3:

Welcome back! It’s a great place to be :blush:

Thank you so much everyone :), yeah its been funny how being limited on so many things (with lock down) has made me look at my life and the reason we are doing this.
It also made me think where I was really happy and the funny thing is doing things for my family and loved ones has been the one major driver on both for stopping drinking and social distancing and everything.

Life can be a good thing, i know when people well kind of get back to our new normal it will be a little harder as there will be the social presures of being out with friends and well being offered a drink but if i take it one day at a time i think i can do this :slight_smile: