Goodbye Alcohol

I am 8 days sobers of today. … It’s hard not to think of alcohol especially on Holidays, But I’m pushing myself harder and harder each day to try my hardest not to think about it. I used to drink everyday after the passing of my Brother. But I know my Brother would want me to choose life, And by choosing life… I need to keep my promise to myself, That I will stick to the SOBER life. I choose Myself, My Husband whom is my best friend and my Children before I will ever think of picking up another bottle.


You got this! Life is the best gift we have besides children. I cant remember what movie I heard this in but it will always stick with me
" We all have good and bad days. A good day is when we can get through without a drink. However a great day is when it all goes to shit and you still don’t have one."

Hope this helps and keep up the amazing work you’re doing on actually "living " and not just existing.


well done keep us posted on your journey wish you well


U wish you a safe journey ahead to healthier lifestyle and healthier choices for you and your family​:dove::dove::dove:

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