Got my report card, little disapointed tbh

So my grades were slipping after i started drinking and i got my final report card and honestly im still a little upset despite getting my grades back up.

First half of the semester

  • Bio 98%
  • Math 95%
  • Socials 93%


  • Bio 95%
  • Math 93%
  • Socials 92%

I handed in all the missing work i had and did my best on the exams but honestly im upset that i let my drinking get bad enough to affect my classes. Well that and realizing that my “friend” who i had that “bad hookup” with actually assaulted me was a shock and seeing her everyday was hell. Oh well. Next year, last year then im done with all this. Wish me luck guys.


Hey those are still some great marks youve got there, you should be proud of yourself to pull that off with all you’ve been dealing with as well


Grades like that will get you into a good school


Those are great grades. You should be proud of doing so well, especially with the challenges you faced.


You did a great job to get grades like that, period. Even if you wanted better, you still earned something lots of your peers just wish for.

It’s not wrong to want better and better grades, but if the pursuit makes you unhappy, it might be good to make sure your reasons for taking on all the pressure are good ones. Are you competing to get into a certain school or something?

My reasons were unhealthy. Though at the time I thought I was doing it for an academic career in top grad schools, I actually did it because academic achievement was what made me feel valuable. I used to wear myself absolutely into the ground chasing the last 10% and the last 5% in all my classes, for a number of years. Any percentage point lost felt like a failure to me, even if it was because of a sloppy mistake instead of not knowing something. No class rank or final grade could satisfy me.

But I also wasn’t addressing much outside of academics or career, and I wasn’t growing as a person and developing the life skills I needed. I see you tackling these things, though, and that gives me hope that you will be able to find the balance I didn’t between reaching academic/career goals and enjoying the other parts of life.

Keep up the fantastic work, just don’t get eaten alive doing it :grin:

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Are you kidding me? Could they better? Absolutely, are they outstanding? Absolutely.

Don’t sweat that, that’s A’s.


You are far to hard on yourself. Anyone would be impressed with those grades. Pat yourself on the back and give yourself a hug. You are in need of some serious self love.



All those look like A’s to me… and I confused?

Its not the numbers, its the fact that they went down. I dropped 3% in bio, 2% in math, and 1% in socials. I did worse because i messed up and i cant let myself get back to that low point of vodka in my 6am coffee before school again. I wanted it to go up not down

Be kind to yourself🎶

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Not everything will go always how you want, but you persevered and still got A’s and stuck to your sobriety. Life is challenging enough just staying sober and you managed to keep A’s in very difficult classes.

Congratulations, seriously inspirational stuff :heart:

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C-sun tells it well, been there done that also. My advice is don’t stress so much over every point. That just leads to the drinking that leads to dips in your grades that leads to more stress, etc. Any University or Workplace will be very happy with your grades. Most places just ask if you got a 3.0 overall or better. Study hard, do your best, and enjoy life. You are going to be fine!