Grateful for the Simple Things

So I’m new to sobriety, but I’ve already noticed some things I’m grateful for. For example, today I didn’t have to pick and choose my groceries because I only had x amount of dollars because I haven’t bought any oxy in 10 Days :sunglasses: Just the money I’m saving is incredible because now I can do the normal things like go buy food. Here’s to more savings!


Sober is phenomenal! Keep on fighting!

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I usually ate at work too, and would only buy enough at the grocery store to feed my kid. I bought no extras, no fun goodies like ice cream, just the basics. After all, before sobriety I had to save money for my DOC. But today at the grocery store was awesome. I actually…shopped, lol. Amazing feeling to have extra money in my pocket, even if I’m just spending it on the mundane. But still grocery shopping today was like a mini revelation like, “oh, this is what sobriety can offer.” It was great. And my little boy loved his ice cream!