Grateful to be a recovering addict

I learned that easy does it, one day at a time, recovery has taught me to keep up with battles while sane, not using and I love the person I have turned out to be, I’m working with different media companies to run awareness campaign on addiction, lots of young men and women are dying each and every day, I’m facilitating this campaign, feels good to be in recovery :sunglasses:


You’re an amazing person! Feeling good about yourself and giving back is very inspirational. Keep up the awesome work. :heart:

Congratulations. I have 11 days clean today! We are worth it! Keep on, keeping on.

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Hi Melissa. Welcome to the community
Congratulations on your 11 days! This place has been a massive source of knowledge and support for me and I hope it is for you as well. Glad you are here, hope you’re doing well tonight.