Gratitude and Attitude

Hi, I’m Tom and I’m 63 days clean and serene today. Last time I relapsed I took one minute to see what I was losing by returning to active drug addiction. Everything, my freedom, family, my purpose, my friends, my residence, my mental health, my spirituality, my physical health, and my self-esteem and self-respect.
I have a few tools I rely upon when I feel like picking up. I exercise, or read, call a friend in recovery, pray for guidance, call my sponsor, go to a meeting, do step work but what I find most useful is writing a gratitude list. Five or ten things I am truly grateful for today.
If you’re having a tough day I encourage you to try it. Post it here as a reply if you want.


Today I am grateful for…

  • waking up sober;
  • having a clean warm bed in a safe place with safe people;
  • having a program that gives me a reprieve from using, just for today;
  • having a meeting to go to with others in recovery;
  • having friends to rely on and who rely on me;