Graveyard shift

posted at work :facepunch:t3: have you guys worked graveyard shift ? If so how was your experience wich do you prefer ? Daytime or Graveyard hours god bless everyone.


I work the night shift too… i have worked it for almost 10 years and plan to try to get day hours next summer… i find that as i’m getting older (37) it is getting harder…!!

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Ha! Working graveyard the last couple of nights because somebody quit. I’m a total morning person but I can adapt to work night shift. I think I prefer day shift. But if I’m working graveyard leave me on graveyard. I’ve literally worked all three shifts this weeks. Throwing a night shift in out of nowhere sucks!


Graveyard shift sucked. I felt like out was out of rhythm with the natural world, and couldn’t sleep right. I would never do it again.


Your air’s good, but you ain’t got no go-juice.
Time for fuel, champion

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