Great day! (7)

No shit- I did not think I was going to get through today and definitely not Saturday when I woke up this morning. But I got an early am phone call from my biz partner. She is going through some stuff and didn’t think she could see clients today. I was able to get to work an hour early- adjust our schedule, accommodate clients and make the day flow for the rest of the team. It FELT AWESOME! I went to the movies after work (by myself, which may be my new favorite thing). Went to the grocery store (which I could never used to do, after work- cuts into happy hour). I was planning on making a kickass dinner- but I honestly have not gotten my appetite back since I quit drinking. So I loaded up on gummy melatonin and stress vitamins. Finishing up day 7! Moving onto to day 8! Thanks y’all! Also- LadyBird is a great movie!


Way to go! Yahoo!