Great Topic

Great topic last night at my home group AA meeting. How forthcoming are you with employers, supervisors, co-workers, and/or professional colleagues when they ask you why you are not drinking? Do you tell them:

  1. I’m not much of a drinker or I don’t like to drink
  2. Too many calories
  3. I’m pregnant or trying to get pregnant
  4. I stopped drinking for my health
  5. I am a recovering alcoholic
  6. I am a recovering alcoholic in AA or other
  7. It’s none of your damn business
  8. Other reason/excuse

and why?

What say you?

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I always say that I gave up drinking. That usually gets the kinda knowing look from the person that asked. Like I obviously quit drinking because it was a problem. If they pry further into it I will gladly tell them all about it. Lol.

I never lie tho. I was a liar, cheater and thief when I was in active addiction. I’ve done too much to leave that life behind to start lying to people again


@Gabe.G. Weren’t we all. Stay strong buddy.


I flat out tell them I turn into Mike Tyson when I drink. Once I hit my 30s. I truly turned into Mike Tyson after I drank one or two drinks. That usually shuts them up from bothering me again.

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I used to tell them i dont drink but today i tell them i havnt had a drink since 1986 and that usually works lol


I just say “I’m not drinking”. More often than not people say “good for you” and move on. IF they ask why not then I’ll say something about my health.

No thank you. I am a real alcoholic, and have already had well beyond my fair share.

“Like you had a problem with it?”

You better believe it.

“So what kinda trouble did you get into? Was it serious?”

It was very serious. But amazingly by the Grace of God, I was able to wonder around like a drunken fool in life for years… without causing physical harm or legal problems for anyone.

“So you did the whole Betty Ford clinic thing or something?”

Well, I was trying to plan all that out and spent a weekend at an AA group… when after a few days, it became clear that I may not have to do all that.

“Why what happened?”

I found God there.

The thought of telling that story… three times a day, every day for the rest of my life. Fills me up with a joy, I can’t even comprehend.


I just tell people I don’t drink. I don’t owe them anything beyond that. Wasn’t always like this, though. I used to tell them I take medication for vertigo and it reacts poorly with alcohol, which was true at the time.

I tell them I do a sober 2018 :wink:


That’s a way to set it straight!

Yes you’re right, it’s non of their business. But there are some ppl I work with who ask such stuff

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I have a coworker that drank like a sailor too. Sometimes we talk at work about the benefits of not drinking and how its going. When other people hear it, we both get compliments. They now know we both dont drink because we liked it ‘too much’. She lost over 20 kilo’s btw, I gained weight :frowning: