Greetings from South East Asia!

Hello everyone! It’s 9am on this side of the world!

Back on this app because I’m restarting my sober journey after god knows how long. Looks like I can’t change my username LOL. I hope everyone’s recovery is going well. I’ve personally found that in the early stages of recovery, running has helped me a lot. Helps me deal with the anxiety of sober life much better. This time round I’m only coming off two DOCs and not a whole cocktail of intoxicants. I’m quite determined to live a healthy and fulfilling life. It gets lonely at times. Had to get off social media as well cos too much negativity these days, leading to depressive thoughts and anxiety. How is everyone coping? Share whatever you like with me! I’m eager to hear others recovery journeys.


Hey! Whereabouts in SEA are u? I am in Japan, nice to have someone else in the same time zone. I also try to run for mental health reasons, but it doesn’t come naturally, lol.

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Hiya :+1:

Moderators can change your username. @SassyRocks changed mine a few months ago.

Another mod who might be online now-ish is @ifs

You’ll need to let them know what you want to change it to …


Happy to change your username, let me know!!


I’m in Singapore! Helloo! Hows it going?? Yeah, I wasnt much of a runner before this but it really does seem to help me stay sober! So run I shall hahaha

Hahaha it’s fine not that important anyway!! :rofl:

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