‘Love’aholic & Codependent drinker here :upside_down_face:. Maybe self isolation re: corona will actually save my life in more ways than one :slight_smile:. 1st time on sober recovery trail and quite happy about it at this point!


Welcome Heta!

I wish all the best for you, keep coming back on a daily bases, lots of wisdom is to be found here. Read and perhaps share in time. This community is very helpful! Good job on making these steps into your recovery!


Hey hetab welcome ,all things happen for a reason ,so it’s been given to you an opportunity if you wish to take the time out to focus on what you want your life to be take the time to give yourself lots of self care lots of love be honest with yourself keep a day to day dairy if you can exercise when you can and reach out and share your journey with us we’ve all been where you are many of us several times but you need to remember that even though the journey can seem alittle frightening what you can get out of it is so so much more .:rose::rose::rose:


Welcome!! Lots to read here to keep you busy and informed!! Have a super day!!

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Welcome Heta!

Sex addict here :raising_hand_man:

If I can help you find recovery resources, please let me know. All the best on your journey!


Hi! Know anything about psychotherapy resources? I was looking into online psychotherapy, but think face to face is better, so will hold off on the online version until after epidemic. Any chance there is a DIY way to do psychotherapy? The only thing I can find is a rather dated book by Martin Shepherd.

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my friend spoke highly of the book if you leave me, can i come with you? i havent read it but its daily meditations on codependency, just offering the suggestion here based on my friends recommendation.

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No, sorry. I have done a little therapy but it was mostly in marriage counseling.

I have worked the 12 steps with a sponsor in SAA. It’s really helped me.

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Great idea, meditations. I will check it out! Thanks.

Also, there are many online meetings available online. There are a lot of different “s” groups.


Dharma and SMART recovery are options if the spiritual aspect of the 12 steps doesn’t appeal to you. If you want websites, let me kbow.

SMART recovery sounds familiar. Thanks for the acronyms. They are unfamiliar to me but I can google them :smiley:

SLAA IS Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous

SA is Sexaholics Anonymous

SAA is Sex Addicts Anonymous

All have some differences in the approach. I use the big book of AA to work the steps. It’s an offshoot of SAA called SAAPP the PP is for primary purpose. They have a website too.

All have their own telemeetings and/or web meetings going on. It’s a bit scary at first and I needed to get desperate before I finally called in. (I live in a very rural place) I wish I had done it years ago when I first discovered I had a problem. I tried to do it my own way for over 5 years. Made some progress but not much in comparison to my time in the program.

Wish you well!