Grim reminders

I frequently see people suffering and I have have to say “but for the grace of God there go I”. This year has been a tragic year for all. I found out yesterday that one of the people I went to treatment with died due to suicide this week. It was a total shock to all because he was one of this people who we thought had his shit together. From what i understand he was drinking and had a car accident, from which he left the scene. In a panicked moment of insanity he burned his home to the ground and shot himself.
Although this is a sad tragic story, it serves as a grim reminder of what could happen to any of us. How many moments of insanity have we had where an angel or higher power was there to pluck us away from death?
Sobriety has been so good to me. I just wanted to share this story as a reminder of what could be.



Thats so sad.

That is very sad to hear, I’m sorry for your loss :pray:t2::two_hearts:

Wow, that is incredibly intense and so sad. Like the others said, I’m sorry for your loss. You are for sure right in saying that it is a reminder of the battle we fight every day.

I’m sorry to hear that Harold and thank you for posting. :pray: :heart:

It serves as a reminder and far too often people with promise and a good heart are taken from us early. As someone I spoke to yesterday pointed out to me it is the first anniversary today of the death of a close friend of ours who we shared a house with. We don’t know the exact cause of death but it is certainly drink related. The coroner’s report stated the cause as bronchial pneumonia but there were no prior signs. It was probably ARDS caused by him choking on his vomit or his heart stopped from mixing coke and alcohol (=cocaethylene).
He came in, lay on the floor (which was not unusual) and never woke up. The real tragedy is that until a few months earlier he had been clean and sober for 5 1/2 years and was trying to kick it again. :frowning_face:
I have been to the funerals of a few friends and relatives who died from alcohol-related causes but it was never enough to stop me from drinking at the time.


Thank you for sharing Harold. That’s so tragic. My prayers go out to friends and family :heart:

That is so sad. I appreciate you sharing. It is, indeed, a powerful reminder.

So sorry to hear that. But it is a good reminder for all of us cuz “the Reality is” (I hated when my therapist started a sentence with that) “people die”. Good people die. Fucking devil at his finest work.
Thanks for the share and reality check. So sorry.

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That is very sad and it is a grim reminder. There was a time when i felt suicide was my only way out. That addiction is fucking powerful man


Very sad! Thank you for sharing Harold.
A close friend of ours has 3 sons. The middle son died from an overdose 5 years ago. The oldest struggled every year around the anniversary of his brother’s death. Well, this year he committed suicide (4 days ago). My heart breaks for all families that experience these tragedies.


Sorry to read about your experience…its hard… But reading this quote really resonated with me as I’ve had many moments where I truly believe a Higher power has been a play in allowing situations to get to as bad as they did to literally scare me enough to almost death to re direct me into the path my life was intended to be on… I should of died a few times that I can remember. But I didn’t. And I believe with every inch of my being that my high power was at play and I am grateful every single day now to still be alive on this earth :grin:


Oh my God, that is heartbreaking. The poor family.


How awful! My heart breaks for that family

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I worked in liquor stores for years and literally watched alcohol kill people slowly over time. It took everything from them until alcohol was literally all they had left. Then it finally took their life.

Sometimes I get flashbacks of them walking to the cash register with their purchase and remember how you could look into their eyes and not see a soul anymore. I often wondered how their story would have been written if alcohol hadn’t ruined them…

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This is so true. Thanks for reminding us. Sobriety makes me forget these moments sometimes…