Grumpy A-holes (quitting cigarettes/ nicotine products) (Part 1)

Good on you Joe. Nicotine might be the most insidious bastard of insidious addictive bastards around. We will manage to beat it too. One day, one hour, one minute at the time when we must. We got you.


Hey Joe - hows it going? Did the app help (feel any different (?


Hey Jasmine. I felt pretty good all day through work and all. Than broke and had 2 smokes in the evening. I’m gonna be a work in progress with this addiction too. I’m gonna listen to it every night for a full month and see where I’m at after. I still gotta get out and pick up the gum.


@JazzyS I also downloaded the app. Whatever will help I’m willing to try. Now I’m going to sleep and am going to listen to it :blush:


Oh yes - it doesnt have you quit cold turkey but somehow the feelings to smoke weaken. Glad you were feeling good all day! Baby steps…

The nicorette gum also helped tremendously for me. Do pick up a pack tomorrow…i found listening to the app daily helped me kick smoking all together within a few weeks. I did keep listening to the app for full month and do visit it from time to time.


Oh good- do also try getting some nicorette gum – i found the two worked well together…
Sweet dreams love! :sleeping:


A big hello to all my fellow grumpy A-holes out there! Just blowing my own horn a bit and hoping to give you lot a bit of inspiration. It’s doable! The freedom is real! Smoking is Stupid! Etcetera!

Both numbers are nice today so why not put 'm both up right? :innocent::sweat_smile:


Started quitting dip again today I had 7 months built up last year before a new pitching coach joined my baseball team and I gave in again. I’m almost 5 months sober from alcohol and it’s about time I work on nicotine but damn is this much worse than quitting alcohol for me :joy: I’m not grumpy yet but I haven’t had my usual after lunch chew and I’m chomping this piece of gum like nobody’s business.


@Jasty2 and @Scorpn

Hows it going? Was the
Hypnosis app + nicorette gum combo able to help?


Hypnosis app i have to pay for so there’s no ads. :sweat_smile:
No gum for me while my nerves are at war. But i will get some once this all settles down again


Not good my dear. I’m having a hard time quitting with everything going on at the house and work. Excuses, excuses. One vice at a time I guess. :disappointed:

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the adds to suck but i did find the app to still be helpful with them and having to listen to the intro each and every time – it got to the point that the intro was knocking me out before the rest of it began :rofl:

oof - i totally get not wanting to chew on hard gum with you nerve pain (sorry - was not thinking) — Would lozenges work?

No pressure to quit just throwing out idea to help out when you are ready… :people_hugging: :heart:

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Believe me – i had plenty of them and even now my brain says you can always go back – what a load of crap cause the last time i went back it took me 20 years to quit again. :dizzy_face:

I do think it’s best to tackle one vice at a time so that your body / mind don’t get overwhelmed. Also - i’ve found that the app does not work if you are not 100% ready to quit.
Also - no pressure on quitting - was just curious to see if this helped anyone else like its done for me :people_hugging: :heart:

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What works for you works for you, but the reverse is true too. The detox I work at is smoke free which gives a lot of troubles as many folks don’t plan on quitting smoking while they are there. But scientific research shows the chance of successfully staying quit from all substances including nicotine actually and significantly increases - like something like 10% if I remember right - when quitting all at once. No joke. And like you all know yourselves, there is always a reason not to quit and that reason is never valid. It’s excuses. Nicotine is an insidious bastard and it kills. Slowly but surely. Quit now.


This is where I’m at now. I swore during that 4 year stretch id be able to quit again if I started. Very hard. I’ll be ready again at some point


I totally get it- i do hope everything aligns for you soon so that you can break free of tgis addiction too.:pray:


I’m still smoking and hiding in shame. :frowning:


Didn’t you quit for a long time too? Or am I wrong

No shame… you did great! You can do it again!


All of my triggers for smoking have had minimal effect on me. I made it through crab season without smoking. Not smoking has been easier and easier.

I dont get triggered or tempted to buy a pack at the store anymore. Its similar to walking past the beer aisle. It used to trigger me, today I hardly notice it.

A couple of days ago I was helping a fisherman. He was chainsmoking. The 3rd cigarette he lit up got me craving one. It was a strong craving. I really missed the feeling of inhaling the smoke.

He had the busy hand smoking thing going. Thats how I was, if my hands werent busy, I had to light up.

The craving passed and I recognized all of his addiction behaviors in me. I felt grateful to not be a slave to the cigarette anymore. :pray:

Its crazy how fast the inner addict can wake up. I went from being grateful to breathe better to missing the burn from the smoke in an instant.
10 months!
Over 300 days!
Over 10 dollars a day, Over 3000 dollars not wasted on Cigarettes! :muscle: