Gym is my new booze!

9 workouts/week and hungry for more, takes away craving completely!!!:muscle::muscle::muscle::ok_hand:

Be carefull so u dont get addicted to that too… you know . Just be aware

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Itse quite impossible to be addicted to alcohol when you are training hard

Hits the best addiction to have

I wouldn’t be to concerned about going to the gym too much…It’s a good habit…I’m joining a gym this week… God bless… Jeremiah 29:11

Cross addiction is a fine line.

Yes, too much of anything good can be bad for you.

Ultimately you are filling the extra receptors in your brain, that you created with alcohol, with dopamine you created by working out.

The runners high…

The goal of quiting any additiction is to abstain and reduce those receptors to minimize cravings.



It’s a delicious high from working out but please be careful. I screwed up my body as a result of overdoing it. Have a massive herniated disc in my back.
Drop foot and paralysis.
General narcotics use. Then alcohol and street drugs to cope with the pain of rehab.
Now I’m in rehab for this shit.
Be careful. Do everything properly and take a before pic!