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Kettlebell workout done, getting stronger :muscle:
I try to do them more frequently, maybe 2x/week. Slowly but steady :wink:


You could throw them in February for us :crazy_face:


Omg that would be crazy but also fun! What are you thinking though. Like I toss them 3 times and post the results at a certain time? Not sure how many peeps would go for that challenge but it does sound fun.


I don’t know exactly how it works and then thought that all the organisation would be on you. Which is not appropriate to ask for.

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@Diamonster if it’s easy for you could you please post again that kettlebell workout sheet that you posted here for me on this thread? Thanks.

@Sabrina80 do you have one you can post? I have a 10 pound and a 20 pound.

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I use a workout App, it’s called “Kettlebell”.
The last 2 times I did a workout from Andrew Bustos, you find him on TikTok. Dunno if he’s on Instagram too. He has nice beginner stuff :blush:

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Just great. I’ve trained in a gym since November. Got fatter over Christmas. I’m still on a diet since New Year. And now I weight the same as in November, but gain 1.2 kg in fat and lost muscles. WTF?


@Planipennia, as a beginner in the gym you’ll make quick progress and build muscle if you stick with a regular training habit and eat accordingly.
Don’t worry as much about weight gain and fat loss at the stage where you’re at. You’ll see changes. Don’t get bogged down in the details and the scales numbers and get frustrated with that stuff. Consistency is absolute key when it comes to fitness and muscle building. That means regular and appropriate training and eating. Progress slows down the more advanced you get. But you still gotta train hard and eat right.

And that’s what I’m gonna do now. Been a dark start of the new year for me. Finding my way after the end of my relationship, end of a big project I had to do, facing a lot of very old fear in therapy, crushed by my old pal depression a lot.
Times when I appreciate the heavy weights so damn much that allow me to feel relief and joy in my body. Gotta love that we have this body and this ability to feel happy in it, no matter what, even if only for a short while. :black_heart::boar:

PS I tried out my amazing new belt :purple_heart: last week and deadlifted the 100kg without problems. I can see I was right in holding off getting one this long. It’s really a huge aid and tempting to overgo the body’s limits and lift more than the rest of the body is able to maintain, because we want those high numbers. I love the belt but only gonna use it for those extra heavy sets, and keep building up the whole system as I have always done. :dizzy:


Thank you very much for your experiences! Much appreciated!:+1:

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Day 1194… back/bi’s, chasing endorphins