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Good run this morning :confetti_ball::running_woman:t2::fire:


Cant sleep, 3am when the 12 hr work shift starts at 7am. Oh well, Merry fuckin Christmas, geuss its time to get some!


Love me some gym time


Havent been on this thread for awhile. I have been working out but really feeling like my workouts are stale and just not getting me anywhere. My husband introduced me to RPT (reverse pyramid training) and honestly its made a big difference!! I definitly feel the intensity and the muslce actually working. Did shoulders today and they are on :fire:!!! Workout was really good this morning!
Ive made additional changes to my workout routine also. Besides RPT, I have also broken down my muscle groups even more throughout the week. That way I am not working out too many groups on one day. The intensity and focus can be specifically on these 1 or 2 muscle groups. Been doing 45 min of cardio/day bcuz I enjoy it :slight_smile: This involves incline walk forward/backward on the treadmill along with some elliptical. Sort of gave up on running at this point lol. I feel like im actually getting somewhere now with my workouts!


So i’m in a weight loss challenge with my friends since Jan 01. down 12 lbs so far. A little over 1.3 lbs per week. Marathon not a sprint! I weight 247 lbs. I started this year doing alot of fasted workouts, my sleep schedule now doesn’t allow me to wake up nearly as early now so i’ve switched things up. I still try to get 10K steps per day and I swim everyday after lunch. I do a 20 minute HIIT swim, essentially freestyle up, breaststroke back, 10 to 30 seconds rest. Repeat for 15 to 20 minutes. I usually pretty whipped. Day will be day 3. I will try to incorporate weights at least 3 times a week but for now it’s just been swimming the last few days. My goal is to get down to 190 lbs. It’s a day to day battle. But i have a plan. I usually fast 14 to 16 hours a day. 1800 calories or less 100 - 140 g protein. 100 carbs or less.


Fun circuit cardio session with my new assault bike.

Boxing time for 8 - 5 min rounds w 15 sec between to change stations.

Assault bike
Abs/battle ropes
Treadmill run

By the time you’re tired or bored at one station, its on to the next! The battle ropes and abs round is by far the most gruling… Hoping to work some boxing in there once my hip heals more.

Keep getting after it people!


Last gym selfie I took. Really leaning into building an aesthetic and streamlined body for myself


The mirror says it all.
I’m beginning some PT sessions with my son next week, we are going to start with boxing and weight training to teach my son the basics in the gym and help him with his footy season fitness. Also low key really amped for some bonding time and a gym buddy :heartpulse: RIP my cardio, it’s going to be really good for both of us!


Different days different moods


Squat cleans were the star of the show today but other work and a 2 mile run also got done. I think it’s time to look for some bigger dumbbells. My 20s are getting easy for most things :tada::tada:


The crop is :fire:

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Question for ya"s. What are your thoughts on pre-workoot supplements? Anybody take em now or in the past? How’d you make out with them? I workout sometimes very early, like 3:00am before work or late after a long day. And am losing energy halfway through. Oh and what brand worked good if at all?


I take one… it’s only really noticeable if you take occasionally but I pretty much take it all the time cuz more is better right :thinking:

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Ok so for the most part it works? But you get to it if you take it regularly?

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It depends on what kind you’re taking but the stuff i take is basically like having strong coffee.

Bang energy drinks will send you thru the roof but I quit drinking them because I went overboard with them.

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Okay cool thanks. I definitely don’t need something ridiculously strong. Just something to push my 44 year old ass through a good workout.:grin:. I do a little research and pick something up. :v:

I use Black Blood by Biotech USA. I only use it after 10 am and before 2 pm because it’s so caffeinated. I don’t find that it makes me tired though

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I workout early morning too. Coffee, lots of coffee before i go to the gym and drink lots of water during and after the workout.

I like coffee.


Ok thanks I’ll check that one out. :+1: I can take something real early in the morning before workout and than go to work all day and it would wear off. I just want something without a ton of sugar if I can find that.

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I love coffee too. I’m drinking the half caffeine now cause I drink it throughout the day since I work outside and it’s still cold. Looking for something to give me a quick punch.

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