Habit or addiction?

What’s the difference?

Following, I would also like to know.

Preface: These are definitions from my experience.
A habit is in my opinion something you do repeatedly. They can be good or bad. I get up at 6 a.m. no matter what. That’s a good habit. I always wear my left sock inside out; a habit that tends toward a superstition maybe. I become task focused and sometimes ignore people around me. Bad habit
. This can also look like a compulsive need for something or a physiological need. Marijuana isn’t technically “addictive” by purely physiological standards. It is psychologically addictive. You won’t feel withdrawal physically, but you could feel it psychologically.
If you quit for a month and feel no withdrawals, physiological or psychological, it’s probably a habit. If you feel withdrawal or compulsion, you have yourself an addiction.


All of us here started out with a bad “habit”. At some point in our drinking careers our habit became more. We lost the ability to put the drink down. We had and addiction. A craving of the body and obsession of the mind. Not only did we suffer from physical withdraws if we tried to stop, but we also had a mental obsession that was completly out of our control.

To you question, what’s the difference? Regular people do not obsess over a drink. The can take it or leave it without a second thought. They have a “habit” of having one or two glasses of wine with a good meal once in a while. They have a “habit” of ocationally going out with friends for happy hour to have a laugh and a drink or two.

They don’t have anxiety about how they drink. They don’t hide the way they drink from friends and loved ones. They don’t wake up in the morning full of guilt and shame that they “did it again”. They don’t have compulsive behavior when it comes to drinking. And last, they do not sit there and wonder if their drinking is a problem our not😉

There’s no moderation for me. I know for a fact that if I took one drink of alcohol that it would spark a mental craving that would be out of my control. I would be right back where I started because for a real alcoholic, there is no “cure”. But I’m totally cool with that. I don’t drink anymore and I’m cool with that too😁