Had a couple drinks and "got away with it". Wanting to be honest to my partner, advice?

Hey there, I’m Annie and I am a struggling alcoholic in recovery. I’ve been in recovery for about 2 years. I’ll be 28 soon. I’m in a supportive relationship of 2 years, with my partner who has also experienced addiction personally and within his family. We have both had our varying degrees of success with recovery and rehab problems.

A couple months ago I quit my job. Long story short (unless you WANT details), leaving my job was a necessary choice that I needed to make for my mental health. So fast forward to now, I’m working shitty retail jobs and barely making ends meet. I’m so stressed out that I’ve been struggling again with abusing alcohol. I had a couple shots last night and technically I got away with it, but I want to be honest with my partner about the relapse.

We both struggle with addiction and have our varying relationships with alcohol. I wont speak too much of his story in respect to him.

For some reason today I’m having an extra hard time opening up to my partner and admitting to my relapse. Advice?


Welcome back! You veered off course, had a couple of drinks and got away with it from everyone, except yourself, and now you’re here. That shows growth and courage, much respect!

Fessing up is hard and uncomfortable, but its neccessary. I’ve seen some people here who let their spouse read their post as their confession and it went over better than expected. Some just come right out and confess. Whatever way you do it, do it and do it soon. The longer you go the easier it’ll be to sweep it under the rug and that is dangerous.

I wish you well!


Welcome back, Annie.

It’s been awhile.

Does this mean you’re going to stick around? :hugs:

Another thought. Do you have a plan to help get yourself back on track?

Thank you! Yes, I do plan on sticking around. :pray: I have let myself become distracted with work and with the job hunt, and in doing so let my recovery take the back-burner. I have had my rock bottom moments before, and am fortunate to not have experienced such dire consequences this time. Even so, I know how strong and cunning the voice of addiction can be and how bad things can get when I live in denial and let the addiction stay hiding. I’ve worked very hard in my recovery, but it is also a lifelong journey. I stepped away from my recovery community because I was so busy with everything else in life. And I’m remembering how incredibly important it is to stay active in a recovery community. So I’m going to put myself back out there!

I have already reached out to my friends and family, I have been re-reading the big book as well as other recovery books, and most importantly I am getting myself to a meeting tomorrow.

Thank you for having me here again! I am happy to be stepping back into the recovery community.


Yes, fessing up is hard to do! But living in denial allows my addiction to grow silently in the dark. I must at first be honest with myself and admit that I am powerless over alcohol, and once I was able to do that I gathered the courage to put the next foot forward and to admit my relapse to my partner. I was met with compassion and understanding, and I am so fortunate that I could truly feel the healing powers of honesty. Sweeping it under the rug will no undoubtedly allow the desire to drink to grow and to keep “getting away with it”. But I fool myself in thinking that I’m getting away with anything, because I see clearly what I am doing! I’m not fooling anyone! :sweat_smile::rofl: