Had my doctors appnt about the lump today

so I went to the doctors today about the lump heres what happened.
went there at 9, she felt it and asked questions that kind of stuff, and said with your age its most likely a fibroid (a non cancerous tumor) but i’ll schedule an ultrasound just to be sure.
we call one place to get an ultrasound and their tech person is sick so we can’t go there, and another place wont take me because im not a patient there.
so hopefully i’ll get one tmr they said, but if not they said it will difently be during this week that I get one.
so thats what happened, i’ll update you tmr if I get an ultrasound or something new happens


Stay positive!!! I hope you can get in asap.

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me too, feeling better now that i saw a doctor though, like for the past few weeks, i’ve been worrying that i was going insane and imagining things, but when i told her where it was she felt it right away.


So more waiting, take care !

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Thanks for the update!! I am sure the waiting sucks.


You sound like you feel better… :blush: Just getting in and getting those things checked out are somewhat of a relief… I have a Fibroid cyst/tumor on the left side of my head… They said mine was possibly due to caffeine… Hope your test goes well… I’m glad to hear from you… :blush:

so had the ultrasound and like the said they didnt see anything.

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Well that is great news!! Congrats!