Hall pass?

Heading into a weekend with my brother in-law’s. Wifey, the reason I am sober, is offering me hall pass to enjoy some :beer:. Do I need to reset, or do I wait to see how I react…just a one time thing, or leading to another bender.

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Personally, I wouldn’t drink at all. Everyone tried to give me a hall pass for my grandfather’s funeral and or huge memorial day bbq right after that. I couldn’t think of one good thing that would come from me drinking. I’m glad I was because I was needed and when it mattered most, I was sober.


I guess that is up to you. If it were me, hall pass or not, I would reset


Does that hall pass include blacking out, fighting with everyone, puking on your shoes, going to jail then winding up in rehab?

Dramatic? Yes. Unrealistic? No.

Do what you want but don’t act shocked if shit goes terribly.


Depends on your priorities. Do you want to be sober? Or do you want to figure out how you can still drink 'occasionally ’ without consequences? I don’t know about you, but I got on Talking Sober forum because I desperately wanted to get sober. My life of drinking was killing me and my relationships.

Since you asked, I vote for staying sober and being the clearest, best you possible. And if you do drink you, you decide what the truth is about a reset. It is your life, your decisions.


Thanks, lots to think about. Will update.

Are you only sober because she wants you to be, or are you sober for you? If your only reason for not drinking is because she doesnt want you to, then by all means take the pass.

If you’re getting sober for yourself then I wouldn’t drink.


Definite reset if you drink. Too me it doesn’t matter if it’s 1 beer or 1 shot.


Yeah that’s the problem for me, it is at her request, but the reason it took was I need to do it for me too. I am leaning towards taking a pass on the hall pass, since I know my previous behavior was usually a weekend enjoying beers, and then weeks/months of misery drink and not enjoying anything.


Man I don’t know much about you or your drinking. But if you drank anything like I did then there’s no days off from this shit. We can’t be a problem drinker/alcoholic when it’s convenient. We can’t say we will drink here and not there. Or at this time and not that. It just doesn’t work that way. This is a progressive disease. It doesn’t go away after any period of time, no matter how long.
I’m just speaking from my expirience here man. I know that if I drank once it would be off to the races. I would pick up right where I left off. That’s why there’s no hall passes for this cat. Timer be damned. This is life and death for me.


Every one of those months of misery started with a single drink.


Yes to all of the above. Knew I didn’t want to, and know I won’t…just needed to hear it from something other than the voice in my head (we haven’t completely reconciled, since I getting sober)

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So I’m cynical, I will lead with that. But what if this is just some giant test and as soon as you pick up that drink she’s going to be all “aha! I knew you couldn’t do it”

that’s definitely something my ex would have done

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Not cynical, prepared LOL

I thought this too, but didn’t want to sound like I was being a negative nancy.:joy:

Off to “up north”. Passed the first test cooler full of water, tea and lemonade.


Good luck, you’ve got this!!!

Tea + lemonade = Arnold Palmer


Herbal tea + look limeade = Herbie Palmer (Chris coined the term a few years ago)

Hippie Palmer

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