Happy 1year to me!


Oh really I will be looking into this I’m only an hours drive away from york! :heart_eyes: Thank you x


Awesome and inspiring…:grin:


You’re welcome. I live near York myself. Lived all over the world and love this little part of it about the best.

But yep, there’s at least three, possibly four. Actually my wife says a couple of other shops in the street are also selling “some harry potter stock” as well. It’s become a big tourist thing after “the shop that must not be named” had constant queues outside it all day.

Anyway, enjoy London and your year of sobriety. You obviate deserve both.


Congratulations on your year!!! :unicorn::unicorn::unicorn::unicorn:


Congratulations! That’s so exciting! I’m in awe of you and everyone else who has made it to a year. :unicorn: enjoy your sober celebration!


That a girl!! I knew your big day was this month and here it is. It’s been an absolute pleasure watching you this last year pal!
Keep being a unicorn!!


Congratulations. Keep sprinkling your Unicorn magic. This was your transformation a year ago.


Congratulations!!! You’ve inspired me big time can’t wait for when I make it to 1 year of sobriety!!


Congratulations. One step at a time.


Ahh!! I’m jealous.
Take LOTS of pictures and post here. There are quite a few potter fans on here that I know would love to see it.
@rmgrimmer I know would love to see it!

Congrats on making it ONE year. I just hit mine and I know how big that is. Keep it up


Congrats. It’s a huge accomplishment. 365 Times of saying you can Be sober that Day. Many more to come for you and all of us


Jealous! Wish it was me!


Hey, congrats! What a great way to spend your anniversary. It’s a bitch of a fight, but we can do it. I’m close behind you, the 19th is my sober birthday.


Thank you sweetie for supporting me on my journey, here’s to many more unicorn birthdays for us all :grin::unicorn:

@Jessi.lynn I will definitely get some pics on for my fellow muggles to :blush:


That is a really good idea!


Amazing!!! Great job hun xx


Congratulations. Such a huge milestone. Hope I get there too. #ele #everybodyloveeverybody


Lol heck yeah! Unicorns unite!