Happy 31 days to me!

I haven’t wrote new topics on here in awhile, but occasionally if I need a boost I read through other people’s! I’ve been so busy educating myself on sincerity through books & staying busy wit work & dealing wit every day life now that I’m sober. Being sober has brought up a lot of unwanted emotions that I use to hide behind heroin to avoid. But now I face them dead on. For everyone that is new to soberity & that is struggling the only piece of wisdom I have is that it gets easier. Much easier. & u become happy again. Even wit dealing unwanted emotions, u see a light. Ur vision is cloudy anymore. I could never imagine going back to my old ways. The anxiety of chasing my drug, being broke, being isolated. Now I could never believe I willingly put myself in the position. My relationship wit everyone around me is better. Everyone, keep fighting. Demons are only unleashed wit u feed them…

Wit that being said,
I hope everyone has a good, sober day :slight_smile: I know I will…


Congrats on 31 days!!! There is definitely a light at the end, great inspirational post. :blush:

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Congrats @DLOVE it only gets better :grinning:

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Hey @DLOVE and congrats on 31! :tada: :fireworks: :boom: Sounds like you are doing the work!

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