Happy Day!

So super happy with today!! A little back story. Three years ago I got a DWI. I was young and making horrible horrible decisions. Well i got caught and did my time, literally, went through a lot of legal and personal stuff the following years. And believe it or not that was not my wake up call to get my life in order. Although I truly believed that my life was “ruined” from this DWI and I would never be able to get my life in order, i never changed my relationship with alcohol. I was going through a difficult time prior to the DWI and coping all the wrong ways. I strongly regret the decision i made to drive drunk and get a DWI but I regret the decision i didn’t make back then, to get sober. But I just have to accept that was not my rock bottom and trust that everything happens the way it does for a reason. Anyways. So because of my dwi i had my license taken away and was not able to get my license back until I had finished certain courses and programs. .Well as of today, 3 years later, I have passed my written and driving test and I am now able to drive!! Which opens up so many more doors for me. I am over the moon and really feeling proud of myself, which is an odd feeling in its own lol. I have a lot of other things to do involving car insurance and the title and all the other fun things that go along with that lol. I just wanted to share something happy with you guys.I really love this community. Im on here a lot, although i dont comment too much, i really enjoy reading everybodys progress on here. I am so proud of everybody no matter what stage of recovery you are in!


Boom!!! Good job :blush:

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