Happy Friday/sober Friday

Happy Friday, the day where my urge to drink starts. I need to break the habit of Friday being end of the work week so that means have a drink.

Looking forward to a walk down the beach and maybe treat myself to some breakfast Saturday morning with the money saved by not buying drinks today.

Have a good one!


I am on 4th day and feel that way now. Thursday start of weekend but I know I would regret it.
So riding out this storm. I know the feeling will pass.
I don’t want to wake in the morning anxious depressed and guilty

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Have a great day. Beach…it’s bloody freezing in Melbourne

I’m on the 2nd day and it will definitely be a challenge. I work at a bank so Fridays are always the most stressful and overwhelming. Im going to try and listen to a funny podcast on my commute home so by the time I get there I will be more relaxed and try not to fall back into my stress habit. We can do it!

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Happy Friday. This is my 8th sober one. I’m enjoying them. They are different, yes, but oh my the Saturday mornings are so much better!