Happy Sober Monday!

I’m on day 23 and having a bit of a craving. I know full well it’s because my boyfriend is in Denver for the week and I’m bored and lonely at night. I’ve been trying to keep my mind busy with my reading, journaling and hobbies. I don’t want to falter but I’m feeling the need to have a drink really strongly. Any suggestions on getting through this week? I’ve come a long way in the last year and have really found happiness in my aloneness. Not sure why today feels differently. Thought I would reach out. Thanks!


Congrats on 23 days.
Other than going to a meeting which is a great idea.
I’d mix things up. Like everything. Music. When you shower. Exercise routine. Where you sit to eat. What side of the bed you sleep on. The route you take to work.

And most of all remember how far you’ve come. Those first few weeks were the hardest for me. I never want to do that again.

Hang out here when you can. Gratitude thread. Memes thread. Pets thread. There’s so many cool threads and people here.
And remember:
One Day
Day One
You get to decide

By the way. I just got back from a successful week in Santa Monica without my wife. Not one crushing hangover. Totally worth it.


Thank u for the kind words and encouragement!! I definitely don’t want to go back to day one again!! I will try switching up my routine like u have suggested! :blush:

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Yep - happy Monday!

After an extremely anxious weekend and no sleep I was in a bit of a wobbly state this morning. I skulled a can of alcohol free beer from the fridge like I would have done back in the bad old days when feeling on edge.

There was a can of real beer in there too but that got left in there. The reminder of that old feeling was enough to scare me on to the right track.

I realise now that I rely on white knuckling quite a lot & should maybe make some further steps to stay straight. It was a bit of a shock to see just how close in the rear view mirror that thirsty feeling can be.

Still , 803 days remain on the clock.

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Sometimes i look at my sobriety like a road trip, theres all kind of detours, speed traps, and accidents that i face if i dont follow the signs. Obey the speed limits stay in my lane and watch for bad weather, potholes or rough roads and take it easy. I’ll get there safe if im not distracted or make unnecessary stops. Just get through a second at a time, stay sober, and keep moving forward.:motorway:you dont need a drink, maybe some tea or sparkling water to fill the void or act of drinking the booze.