Hard time falling asleep


Here I am again… not being able to sleep…day 3 being sober…

I have to give a presentation in the morning… my sleep is all over the place :pensive:


Sleep in early sobriety was hard to come by for me. First couple of weeks was pretty horrid.

Melatonin helps me get to sleep.

Benadryl helps me fall asleep and stay asleep. I don’t care for the grogginess in the morning though.

No devices (phone, laptop, tv, etc.) while in bed helps.

Good luck to ya, hoping you get some Zzzs


That is one important tip. I also use blue light filter which turns automatically on at 9 pm. Some people benefit from sleep meditations etc. But like dan said the sleeping pattern is messed up for awhile after you quit. Good news is, itll pass!!


Benadryl can be addictive in rare cases as a sleep aid. Also, I abused it in high doses for its hallucinogenic properties, taking high doses even though I had wanted to do pauses. Im not sure I was really addicted but Im glad I quit. Benadryl can mess with one so be careful


Lavender oil on your neck & feet before bed, warm tea (non caffeinated obviously) no tv, phone, electronics in bed, maybe try a soft white noise.


Try a sleep meditation, insight timer is a great one!
I use those and dont make it through them as im fast asleep!


Another night…3am and awake. Ughh