Hard to sleep Day 2

Day 2 of not drinking and it seems like it’s hard to sleep. I use to drink so much every night I would just passed out but now trying to get sober it’s hard to sleep. Hopefully it’ll get better soon


Welcome to the club! It does pass and it does get better. To help me sleep I take melatonin and a magnesium supplement before I go to bed. (I am not a doctor, just did a little research).


It gets easier with time. Try going for a walk/run in the evening. That helped me.


It is hard,

I didn’t sleep right for a few months your right, it’s hard to adjust after you spent years drinking till passing out, I did it myself

Some suggestions
Meditations free ones on YouTube but if your like me you can’t stay focused for 5 minutes
Some people use sleepy time tea
Melatonin works for some but I wake up anxious

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