Has anyone tried hypnotherapy to stop drinking?

I have decided if i can’t stay sober for January i am going to get hypnotised to stop drinking! Has anyone tried it and did it work? ???

The only thing that I have found works is good ole fashioned AA.

I have tried everything under the sun including hypnotism.

Something magic happens when one alcoholic talks to another.

I would save a few bucks and hit a meeting.


Thanks but i just don’t understand how talking to other alcoholics in aa can help unfortunately because i know i am an alcohol and i know is a seriousv problem and my best friend is too and we both always talk about wanting to stop but we can’t therefore i think how can aa help. Sorry to be negative. I am thinking of trying it though. So did hypnotherapy work at all? ???

I am scared of going but thinking i will have to give it a go aaarrrgggghhhh

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I can tell you that one of the reason this app works is because we all deeply understand one another.

Your best friend is most likely like you in active alcoholism.

Not the same as taking guidance from someone that has maintained sobriety for years and years.

The set of tools you get in the AA program helps you to deal with life on lifes terms.

We drink because we are afraid to feel. When we stop drinking the feelings come back. We either go back to the old solution DRINKING or we work through our feelings. Sounds cheesy i know but its true.

Hypnotherpy did nothing for me I took session after session. This is a mind powered disease and it molds around any mind tricks I try to use.


Dont be scared it is the most joy filled journey you will ever encounter. I wake up today excited for what life will bring.

My fears have washed away and I have zero I mean zero obsession to drink.


Thanks your right and so far i am loving this app after only being on it for 2 days! And yes my best friend is an active alcoholic we both have been for years and passing out together for years! Its fucked up! ! I was just looking up aa then in my area and felt sick in my stomach but i will try really hard to go xx and i am gonna try and get get to go to!!!

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Its strange at first but that is the idea of taking yourself out of your comfort zone.

When you go look for the similarities not the differences. The alcoholic mind will try and pick everyone in the room apart so it can drink again and again and again and again.

Drinking is always there try something new.


There’s one on tonight and i think i might go!!! I am shitting myself!

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Careful mixing friendship with your needs. It has to be a self thing.

We say its based on attraction rather then promotion. If you start going and your friend sees changes in you he will want what you have.

If you go together you will help to convince each other it doesnt work.

A you really need is a truly open mind and a deep desire to stop drinking.


I have the deep desire but its soooooooooooooooo faaaaaaaarking hard! !!! Aaarrrgggghhhh

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Do it and man up and grab a sponsor while your there. Pick someone that works the steps and also has a sponsor.

Then make a point of calling them everyday even when the conversation seems forced and uncomfortable.

You will get over that when you start the actual step work together.


Proud of you! That is a huge step!


I know the pain my brother all to well. It gets easier I promise!


You will be pleasantly suprised pal. It’s just people like you. They understand and would never judge you. I promice!

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