Have a safe July 4th

So tomorrow is the 4th and there will be a lot of cookouts and drinks involved.
Some things you may want to try in order to stay sober:
You can always say no to the event and pass it up this 4th. Maybe get some sober friends together and go see some fireworks.
People may offer you a drink. How will you say no?
Maybe no thanks, im driving. No im not feeling it today. Our answers dont always have to be extravagant, it can be simple.
Take a sober buddy with you. Take someone thats going to hold you accountable and tell you no, when you cant tell yourself no.
Drive yourself. Always have a way to leave at any moment. You start to feel uncomfortable, you can just hop in the car and leave.
When everyone starts to get trashed, thats our que to leave.
You can join in on games, maybe not flip cup or beer pong lol. But try to have a little fun.
Let your sponsor and support group know what your doing. No, not so they can babysit. But so if they get a call from you, theyll know youre in need. Better safe than sorry…
Reach out to the app or someone before you pick that drink up, not after.
Hope this helps someone! Stay safe out there.

Feel free to add anything that may help someone!


Thank you so much for posting this. I don’t have any plans for tomorrow for this very reason - I’m afraid of temptation; or perhaps I’m more afraid of having to deal with all the feelings that will inevitably come up by being surrounded by alcohol. I’m Australian and have lived in North America for 8 years, but I still don’t have much of an association with July 4: I can’t imagine how challenging it will be for those who associate the holiday with drinking. Sending much love and strength to everyone in the States who finds this holiday challenging, and any tips on sober things to do are much appreciated! Fireworks is a great idea :sparkler: