Have faith we can do it

Hey I’m new 9 weeks sober. First time in 15 years lost everything cause of domestic violence and I used what I could to escape, getting sober was the best thing I could of ever done I wish I did it years ago I feel great minds so clear. Don’t get me wrong at the beginning it was hard just have to take it day by day. I’m working now and focusing on getting me better to get my children back with mummy where they belong, so many regrets,ifs,buts… we can’t change the past but we can change the future and that’s my goal


Wow … keep it up!! Wish the best with children

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That’s awesome! What sorts of things are you doing to help you stay sober?

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Hi. Thanks, I attend a recovery service we have where I live it’s like one big family u can go when ever u want and get a key worker and the support u need, I attend counselling as I realised the substance isnt the problem it’s me, I work to keep busy, gym and unfortunately eat way too much sweet stuff :roll_eyes: but it’s better than the alternative, my advice is get involved In any support service u can and use them as much as u can, if I can do it so can everyone else!


Thank you :heart:

That sounds great! I’m trying to get more connected into helpful communities like that.

I’m in a similar position in that it’s not the substance that is the biggest issue, it’s me. So I’ve been addressing all the issues around my behaviour and personality, and that has gone a long way in helping me stay sober as the years pass.

That’s brilliant. All we need to do is accept it, it’s all about acceptance! Once we have that we are on the right track! Good luck u can do this :grimacing:

Congra and thanks for sharing. You are a real survivor! Such an example for me. :green_heart: